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We were honored when the good people at Hold Up Art Gallery asked to carry GRINDHAUS in their new DTLA store front.  I’ll post some proper images when the install is complete.

Shit…did I forget to mention that we used Sriracha & blood for the background drips!? I think so…



I had never been a fan of Barbara Steele (the whole baby dolphin-teeth thing she had going on creeped me out a little too much), but recently I saw one of her early films and might have had a change of heart. She starred in a string of Italian horror films during the 60’s and is best known for her role in Bava‘s Black Sunday, where she plays a bad ass vampire-witch who gets murked by her own brother and comes back 200 years later to feed on her descendants. Damn, some women just can’t let shit go.



It’s hard, but I’m gonna keep it classy and not name drop on this one.

I was running errands today and stopped off at a local super-secret, coveted collective (some say is the best in CA) and saw our tee…had to share.

Enjoy your day…we allllllll know I will.


Put this motherfucker on an Endangered Species list! This Boston native embodies that good ol’ raw sound…one of the last of a dying breed. One thing that I really respect about this brother is his gift of making honest music, something seen less and less in Hip Hop.  His latest project ‘Life After God’ is available now on iTunes. Check out more of Moe here, and don’t forget to download the ‘Depeche Moe‘ Remix LP for free while your at it!

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